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Inbox Zero, GoSpotCheck Edition

August 18, 2019

Add response limits to your recurring Missions to save time and improve focus in the field

Earlier this year, we rolled out Mission Availability, a brand new way to schedule recurring Missions for your team to complete. Since then, our customers have used the tool in different ways to meet their unique needs -- and we’ve loved seeing the results! 

  • One customer in the restaurant industry set up 7 unique Checklist Missions, one for each day of the week. Each Mission covers key tasks, which need to be completed and recorded on that specific day of the week. 
  • Another customer created a Daily Store Opening Mission, which is available for employees to complete every day from 8am-9am in the hour prior to opening up shop for the day.

Dates and times are a great start to determining whether a Mission should appear on a rep’s device, but why stop there

GoSpotCheck users have expressed a desire to take that schedule one step further. You asked, what if a Mission had a specific number of responses it was targeting each time it appeared on a mobile user's device? And after that response threshold was met, the Mission would disappear until next time.

 What a great idea. 

Introducing Response Limits for Recurring Missions

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the ability to limit the number of Mission Responses you want to collect each time a recurring mission is scheduled as available. Target a specific number of responses per person or per location -- whichever best suits your Mission. As soon as the target threshold has been met, the Mission is marked as Upcoming (greyed out on the Place Details screen) until its next scheduled recurrence.

For example, in the Daily Store Opening Checklist example above, you really only need that Mission completed once per day at each store. With the release of availability limits, you can now define and execute those parameters. 

As soon as one Mission Response is submitted at that store, the threshold is reached and the Mission is marked as upcoming until the following morning at 8am. 

Why it Matters

Setting limits on your Missions helps your team to focus. Their list of available Missions accurately represents the work they have left to do at any location. As soon as a Mission reaches its Response limit and/or falls outside of its scheduled window, it exits the list. 

This can also serve as even more of a reward for your team: no more remembering complex Mission completion expectations or hunting through Place History if they can’t remember whether or not they submitted their weekly Mission. Instead, work is complete at a store when the list of “Available” missions is empty. Easy! Some teams have likened this feeling to Inbox Zero -- but for GoSpotCheck. 

That’s got a nice ring to it. 

Learn more about Response Limits for Mission Availability in our Help Center.

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