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Say 👋 to PhotoWorks- Immensely Powerful, Impossibly Simple Photo Reporting

August 3, 2020
For years, GoSpotCheck’s Photo Album has been the best way to view and share mission photos and create image-based reports. We partnered with customers to reimagine what they need in a next-generation photo management platform, and are proud to introduce PhotoWorks--a one-stop shop to review, analyze, report and share the images that give you vital insight into your business. 

A Photo History at GoSpotCheck

Photo Tasks are by far the most popular task type in GoSpotCheck, accounting for over 40% of all tasks completed in our platform today. We understand why: visual confirmation of the work being done gives leaders a real-time window into the market, and allows them to see the world through their customers’ eyes.

To help our customers organize the growing library of images captured in GoSpotCheck, we launched Photo Album in 2016. It was, and remains, the industry-leading solution for photo reporting in task management software. Photo Album was designed to aggregate every photo captured in a single photo gallery where subscribers could quickly review, filter and analyze photos, then consolidate and share select images with stakeholders and teams in a variety of formats.

Since its launch, customers have told us they love the way Photo Album helped them:

  • Save time looking for specific images across multiple missions 
  • Spot trends and take action quickly with powerful custom filtering
  • Produce high-quality photo reports to share with stakeholders in seconds

What Customers Need Now

Our customers help shape our product roadmap, and we constantly seek their feedback about what new capabilities can solve their business problems. Over the last 18 months, we learned that our customers needed enhancements in these areas from our photo platform:

  • Increased Speed: “Near real-time” isn’t the same as real-time. Our customers wanted to view and analyze photos in Photo Album as soon as they were captured in the field.
  • Optimized Photo Management: When navigating tens of thousands of images, intelligent photo filters are critical to finding the precise images needed--quickly. Customers wanted new ways to powerfully filter, sort and organize images that uniquely reflect their business and ways of working. 
  • Streamlined Reporting: Sharing visual confirmation of tasks completed is critical to optimal workflows, and customers asked for better ways to package and share images, instantly. 

Introducing PhotoWorks

Next-Generation Photo Reporting for Real-Time Improvement in the Field
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GoSpotCheck’s PhotoWorks combines performance and power in a responsive user interface that was built for sharing.

What’s New

  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Over 90% faster - scroll, sort and share photos in a flash
  • Gorgeous and Intuitive User Experience: New, engaging user experience designed to give speed, accuracy, and control working with photos
  • Real-time Photo Syncing: Images captured in mission responses appear in PhotoWorks within seconds for real-time visibility in the field
  • Intelligent Filtering & Sorting: Powerful new filters introduce search capability on any dimension in a mission task response to help you locate images in seconds 
  • Mobile-Enabled: PhotoWorks is a responsive web app which means it looks and feels great on all device types, including mobile browsers
  • Improved Permissions: Optimized permissions automatically display only the images relevant to a user’s role and data access configuration in GoSpotCheck, cutting out any noise and helping teams move faster
  • New Ways to Preview & Share: New dynamic preview modes improve the export process with size, quality, formatting, and associated detail options that are all customizable 

Let’s Get Started

PhotoWorks was designed with our customers in mind. Spend less time waiting for images to load and more time taking action on the images captured. Spot trends across images in record time, based on the details that matter to you. Create high-quality, custom photo reports, and give teams the visual analytics that will make a difference and help you pull ahead of competitors. 

Free Trial

We’re pleased to offer a free trial of PhotoWorks to all current GoSpotCheck customers. Not a GoSpotCheck customer yet? Start a free basic trial and take GoSpotCheck and PhotoWorks for a test drive today!

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